Rogue Lords Has Released A Devilishly Good Gameplay Trailer

Rogue Lords, an upcoming roguelike RPG where you are the devil, just dropped a glimpse of gameplay in a brand new teaser trailer.

Ahead of its launch on PC, via steam, Nacon and Cyanide Studios have pushed out an extra look at the Rogue Lords gameplay. This incoming RPG mixes gruesome turn-based combat with a dark fantasy narrative allowing players to explore a supernatural world as the dark lord. After suffering defeat at the hands of demon hunters, you’ll be out to exact revenge and regain your lost power. Building a gallery of ne’er-do-well like Dracula, the Headless Horseman and Bloody Mary, Rogue Lords certainly will play to the dark side.

While a standout concept might be enough, RPGs like Trails Of Fire stand out from the crowd by using their own unique mechanics. Thanks to Lucifer, Rogue Lords throws gameplay mechanics like these out the window, instead allowing players to play by their own rules. As the devil and aforementioned minions head out into the world, you’ll face a range of demon hunters and take them down in turn-based combat. While you’ll be able to cast spells and bash mortal skulls, you’ll be able to cheat too. Thanks to your Diabolical Essence, players can protect their party by manipulating the health bar of their party to withstand different attacks. This unholy essence will even allow these servants to be shielded and fight when their health bar is fully depleted.

That isn’t all. While sending mortals into Hell you’ll be able to steal buffs, return debuffs, or redirect some of the Diabolical Essence to weaken enemy parties. This extra advantage also comes into play during interactive events, tipping the narrative balance in your favour. Who wants to play by the rules anyway?

To get an idea of how this all plays out, you can check out the Rogue Lords gameplay trailer above and head over to the official Steam Store page to find out more about Rogue Lords ahead of the carnage later this year.

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  1. I forgot this on the way, but it’s part of my endless wishlist.

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