Rogue Lords Introduces Apprentice Update

Rogue Lords Introduces Apprentice Update

Rogue Lords, a dark fantasy roguelike from Leikir, Cyanide and Nacon, received a new update 1.1.00, adding the new more accessible Apprentice mode to the game as well as a variety of bug fixes.

According to the developers, Apprentice mode offers a more accessible experience for those struggling with Normal mode or simply wanting a place to experiment with builds and characters more easily. While the Normal difficulty mode remains the game’s intended experience, the team hopes this addition gives everyone a place to enjoy Rogue Lords at their own pace.

  • Added a new difficulty mode: Apprentice
  • The current difficulty mode is now called Normal mode
  • In Apprentice mode, the player start with +50 Diabolic Essence, +1 Terror, and enemies deal less damage
  • Books can be unlocked in Apprentice mode
  • Achievements can be unlocked in Apprentice mode
  • Experience gains in Apprentice mode are the same as Normal mode


  • Fixed the Baron Samedi “What’s yours is mine” achievement behaviour with the relic “Old-world amulet”


  • Fixed Anticipation Brooch relic sometimes not triggering on some preparation skills
  • Updated the visibility of some relics in game compartments (world map and/or event and/or combat)
    • Bloody cleaver
    • Corrupted talisman
    • Netherworld crow
    • Crystal ball
    • Cursed apple
    • Cursed sword
    • Cursed wand
    • Dreamcatcher
    • Glass shield
    • Ouija board
    • Scapegoat
    • Shadow shroud
    • Soul stone
    • Styx jet stone
  • Added relics in the second pool of relics obtained in a run


  • Fixed many double line break in the middle of texts and line break at the end of texts
  • Fix Fanatic’s Worship status infotip displayed in French

Bug fixes

  • Skills that hit all combatants now behave correctly when a character wields the Provocation status
  • Several memory management improvements, the game should now use less RAM
  • Fixed tutorial bubbles not pointing at the correct UI element when playing with a controller
  • Fixed camera shakes not being played correctly on some animations
  • The game should now be able to restore a previous save in case of save data corruption due to a crash

Check out our Steam review to find out more about the game.

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