Rogue Universe scheduled for the first half of 2019!

Rogue Universe

Long-awaited sci-fi strategy game Rogue Universe is set to be released in the first half of 2019 by Korean developer Must Games.

Rogue Universe is a Space Strategy MMO game set in the universe year 1983 that combines the thrill of galactic takeover and the spunk of comic books and characters, seen through its unique comic book art style. Users undertake various missions and gain resources in a universe where they can either work with or against the three biggest factions. Additionally, users can expand their influence throughout the universe by building up their own fleets and joining guilds to cooperate with fellow players or engaging with other users for dominance.

For users interested in single-player campaigns, Deep Strike, an exciting story mode where players can explore and uncover the secrets of Rogue Universe by clearing out routes that are occupied by pesky ‘Invaders’ has been added. For fans of classic MMO games who are looking for more team-oriented elements, Guild Wars also been included. Guild Wars, a mode where guilds can declare war on each other and receive even more rewards and honor points by bringing the pain on the opposing guild during a set period of time, has been added to further improve social gameplay. To learn more about Rogue Universe’s in-game features and events, users can visit the Official YouTube Channel:

Rogue Universe is currently available in Canada and Russia on Google Play and App Store. Global release, including the United States and Europe, is scheduled for the first half of 2019. Furthermore, a PC version of the game is also currently in the works.

For more information, interested users are encouraged to visit the official Rogue Universe website in addition to visiting the official Facebook page.

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