Roguebook Deals A New Deck On Stadia

roguebook stadia release - player attacks monster with magical attack

Roguebook, the deckbuilding adventure with tons of character, is about to deal out a new hand as it arrives on Google Stadia on 1 July.

Due in just days, the newest realm for deck building title Roguebook hits the Google Stadia. The massive online search provider’s online game service will invite the public to test themselves against a world of myth, legends, and some colorful characters. Having originally launched on PC and console earlier in 2022, this new addition to developer Abrakam Entertainment’s portfolio is roguish new game that leans on the lore of established hit Faeria.

Anybody opening a web browser to try out Roguebook will find themselves trapped in the Book of Lore of Faeria. This mischievous magical tome plunges players into a new challenge on every page. In order to come out the other side of this quest, you’ll have to face a procedurally generated map full of friendly merchants, travelers, ruins, and dangerous quests. It’s not all stacked against you, however. Players will be able to build a deck form over 200 cards, relics, and a ton of strategic synergies.

While this might sound like plenty of other roguelikes, there’s something of a pedigree to this one. The team behind this worked in tandem with Richard Garfield, of Magic the Gathering fame, to ensure that every run in Roguebook is as good as it can be. Even if you don’t have a next generation system to hand, you’ll be able to pick two heroes and jump into Roguebook on Stadia on 1 July. Check out more on the official website or the Stadia Store, then maybe just click play.

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