Roguebook Invites You To Sling Cards A Week Earlier

Publisher Nacon and the developers from Abrakam Entertainment have revealed that roguelike deckbuilder game Roguebook will be releasing on PC on June 17th, a week earlier than originally planned. To celebrate the occasion, the team shared a new trailer to introduce deckbuilding mechanics to players.

The game will also be coming to PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch at a later point.

The title aims to reinvent deckbuilding. Unlike other games in the genre, Roguebook features a unique gameplay philosophy: the “Tower Deck“. Instead of minimising the number of cards in your deck, Roguebook encourages you to collect lots of them to unlock special talents for your heroes. Buy them from merchants, win fights against elites, and make offerings at vaults to collect as many as possible!

In strategic turn-based fights, you control a team of two heroes, each with their own dedicated cards. By choosing from the four heroes available, you can create powerful synergies: build an impenetrable defence against the most aggressive enemies or put everything into attack to unleash devastating hits.

And with transmutation and gems that grant extra bonuses when added to your cards, there are even more deckbuilding options.

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