Roguelike Hero Is A Casting Call For Wannabe Heroes

Ever feel like you’re fighting for that perfect position? Then you’ll know the plight of X.D’s latest hero as they unveil a trailer for off the wall adventure Roguelike Hero.

This slapstick action comedy misadventure follows the fate of a walk-on actor battling to find the hero within himself. As this struggling actor takes on a variety of unusual roles, you will guide him through waves of steely ninjas, massive boss battles, and subway brawls. If you survive these on-camera adventures you might make it in the business.

Behind The Scenes

Developed by the indie team at Carrya.Tec, this mix of platforming and beat em up is loosely inspired by the legendary antics of Stephen Chow. If you’ve not heard of Chow, you just need to know that he’s loosely known as the King of Comedy in the east, and the mind behind Kung Fu Hustle. This inspiration makes for some absurd ideas. Players seem to be able to escape by crawling away and you might have even caught the fart counter move and spit attack make an appearance. With the promise of some utterly absurd mechanics and a huge range of options, this looks like it could be a unique take on the otherwise ordinary action game.

Roguelike Hero isn’t what I’d normally expect from an action game but it looks like it could be worth a chuckle. The action is due to start on PC, Playstation 4, and Nintendo Switch and it will ship with English, Japanese, traditional and simplified Chinese localization options. We don’t know exactly when this scene kicks off but you can check out the official X.D website or the Steam Store for more information. Get ready to make that casting call and try not to break a leg, at least not your own, when Roguelike hero lands.


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