Romance Of The Three Kingdoms Invading PC Now

Following its assault on mobile platforms, Nexon has officially unleashed their strategic RPG experience, Three Kingdoms: The Legend of CaoCao (Tactics), on PC.

Originally a mobile experience, Romance Of The Three Kingdoms is far from the first game to make the step up to the big screen as it arrives on both Steam and Nexon’s Arena store. This RPG title is a retelling of the classic stories of China’s great military commanders. Now, Players can take the place of the great commander, Cao Cao, and follow in his footsteps as he takes part in some of the most legendary battles in History. You can leave your mark on with this new release.

An Old Story New

Published by Nexon Korea, this particular title is based on the events around 184 AD and challenges players to unify all 112 disparate domain in China. To do this you’ll need to travel through a variety of different backdrops and essentially overcome your opponents. As a strategic turn-based RPG, it follows the same steps you might expect from a mobile-first RPG, yet manages a very positive score on the Google Play store. Don’t however, get this confused with Koei Tecmo of Total Wars Three Kingdoms that released recently either.

When Nexon dropped this title on mobiles in 2016, they enhanced the original Koei concept from 1998. The new iteration brought new content, stories and exciting game modes, including unification, annihilation, and PvP. It kept the same pixel art design, with a knowing nod to the franchise roots. Now you’ll be able to give it a go on your desktops. We haven’t loaded up the desktop client to check if you’ll get cross-play against your mobile brethren but if you are interested in Three Kingdoms: The Legend of CaoCao (Tactics), it is available now for free on Steam and the Nexon Store.


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