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RPG Dungeon Added to SMITE in the Game’s Latest Update

Hi-Rez Studios has sent word that SMITE has been updated with a new RPG dungeon. Called “The Trials of King Heracles”, the  dungeon offers teams of three the chance to complete it cooperatively.

The Trials of Heracles RPG Dungeon

Players taking part in the new dungeon can meet up in a central hub as well as form teams of three. There are a number of quests in the hub that can be completed within the dungeon. Once entering the dungeon, players fight off mobs and defeat bosses as well as pick up gold that can later be spent in town on special items. There are also buffs and equipment available in the town and items rewarded for completing quests.

During the dungeon fight, players will have to work together to attack and support one another. In fact, Hi-Rez says that “teamwork will be essential to victory”. Players will be able to experiment with the best combinations of gods as all 70 are available.

Lastly, players will be able to unlock “hard mode” that brings them face-to-face with the final boss, the Leraean Hydra. As expected, this is the place for the ultimate loot drops and best in-game rewards.

You can learn more about the dungeon on the SMITE site.

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