Ruiner – Blow Through 2091’s Darkest Alleyways with Guns Blazing


The PlayStation blog has been updated with a new post to introduce the world to Ruiner. Players can look for the PS4 shooter later in summer 2017.

The description is hard to beat. “We will drag you through the darkest, shadiest, deadliest corners of Rengkok City.” Your brother comes along with you to visit “Heaven’s corporate interiors” as well as the city’s lowest districts.

It’s easy to understand the phrase, “Have gun, will travel.” You’ll face off against humans, machines and things between. You have to admit it sounds like fun.

What Does Ruiner Bring to Shooters?

You’ll have a choice of twenty different guns, from the known to the imaginary. Some are low-tech, others hi-tech arms. You’ll come across sonic shotguns, lightning cannons, plasma rifles and many others. Add in gadgets and cyber implants and you see the recipe for destruction.

Players will be able to dash, to shield, to mix offensive and defensive abilities. Upgrade shields, use kinetic barriers and you’ll stay out of harm’s way.

Sounds like a…..BLAST!

You can check out the full description on the PS blog.

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Suzie is an avid gamer and has been since 1995. She lives in the desert with her own personal minion while dreaming of pixel worlds beyond Earth.

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