Ruiner Is Coming To Nintendo Switch

ruiner nintendo switch

Ruiner, a cyberpunk action title from the always awesome Devolver Digital is coming to Nintendo Switch.

Developed by Reikon Games, a Polish indie studio, and initially unleashed on PC via Steam, Playstation4, and Xbox One back in 2017 this brutal top down dystopian shooter is bringing the future to Nintendo’s mobile gaming platform. Announced over on twitter, the team behind this gorgeous looking fight for the future confirmed a somewhat vague release date in impeccable binary form. Now it’s just a waiting game before we step into this awesome near future dystopia title again.

In the year 2091, cybernetics are pretty normal and Ruiner kicks off as a wired psychopath lashes out against the corrupt system and tris to overturn a conspiracy. On the hunt for justice and attempting to uncover the truth about his kidnapped brother, the game’s protagonist stalks the streets of a metropolis called Rengkok blowing away anything that fails to co-operate.

While Ruiner is regularly described as dark and unforgiving, this game requires more than just overwhelming fore to get by. As players take on the corporate titans of HEAVEN they will need to utilize state of the art systems such as shields, dash augments, and cyber hacks to turn off any opposition. This all adds up to make a game that not only looks the part but features a delicate balance of overwhelming, brute force, and elegant strikes to overcome all manner of savage opponents.

After exploding onto the scene back in 2017 this title received some serious praise from critics and while Gamespace wasn’t quite able to cover it way back then this is the perfect opportunity for players like you and me that haven’t played the acclaimed Cyberpunk action shooter to get in on the action when Ruiner lands on Nintendo Switch soon. Head over to the official Ruiner website for all the details.




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