Rumor: AMD’s next-gen GPUs coming next month

Is AMD gearing up to launch their next GPU? According to sources speaking to Fudzilla, that may be the case and the card could come as soon as next month. Before you get your hopes of thinking that Navi is making an early appearance, I wouldn’t prepare the confetti yet. The new cards, possibly taking on the RX 670/680 moniker, would be based on the Polaris architecture and would offer 10-15% performance improvement. As they note in the article, this would certainly apply more pressure to NVIDIA’s GTX 1060 but wouldn’t be close to contending with the recently released RTX 20-series.

For our part, we think it’s almost a certainty that AMD is working on something for a near-term release but question the rumored November release. Leaks have all pointed toward another Polaris release in the near-term; however, the lack of marketing or secondary confirming sources leads us to recommend taking this with a large grain of salt. That said, following the over-hype of Vega and the purportedly modest 10-15% performance uplift, AMD may be playing it close to their chest, so we may find ourselves surprised yet.

Stay tuned for more as the story develops.

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