RUMOR: Fable to Return with Microsoft’s Blessing


According to rumors swirling around the interwebz, Microsoft is heavily backing a new Fable game. Sources close to the project have told Eurogamer that the game is being developed by Playground, best known for its work on the Forza series.

What we know about this rumored Fable game

The short answer is “next to nothing”. We do know, however, that Playground is a 200-employee strong developer with two offices. The game will probably be worked on in the new studio in Warwickshire, England.

The is good news for fans who were sorely disappointed when Microsoft canned Lionhead’s Fable Legends about two years ago. In fact, so devastating was the cancellation, that Lionhead folded its tent not long after.

Former Lionhead staff member and series’ co-creator Simon Carter said, “I have slightly mixed feelings. On the one hand, it’s great for the UK games industry and very pleasing that [it] (the game) isn’t dead.”

“On the other hand, it is a little curious to get rid of the team that is uniquely expert in making it and then try and make another. It’s a weird game, and a tough one to deconstruct for a new team. That said, the team in question is very talented, and I’m sure they’ll do a fantastic job.”

What are your thoughts about the news?

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