Rune II: Decapitation Edition Sends Heads Rolling

Studio 369 and Ragnarok Game LLC have announced that Rune II: Decapitation Edition is now available for purchase on Steam. The overhauled version of Rune II will be up for sale later today. It includes the Dragon Armor set for buyers between now and November 30th. A number of DLC packs will also be available including the Molten Weapon Pack, Blood Weapon Pack, and Ice Weapon Pack each coming in at $3.99. To celebrate the (re)launch of R2, developers have released a trailer in all its Viking glory.

Several of the game’s systems have been overhauled in the last year. These include:

  • Main Narrative Overhaul: A new overarching story is introduced in the DecapitationEdition, with four main chapters that unwind a tale of betrayal, rebirth, and revenge. Numerous side quests have been added to complement the now linear direction.
  • Dungeons of Midgard: Deep within the depths of Midgard, an ancient evil has awoken. Inspired by classic RUNE levels, the dungeons will challenge the most hardened Viking warriors as they encounter a gauntlet of enemies, challenging platform sequences, and vile monster bosses. Rare loot awaits!
  • Skill Tree System: Bring the power of the Norse gods to aid your quest with unique abilities from the new skill tree system. Gain experience and unlock over 28 abilities centered around your chosen deity… or reject the gods to choose the heathen path!
  • Viking Village Life: Rebuild the land of Midgard by gathering resources to repair villages. Create longhouses, forges, and other buildings to restore the community as villagers return to rally behind your cause. Loki’s army will attack during Horde Events, so take up arms with villagers to defend to the last man, woman, and child!
  • Updated Co-Op Campaign: The new narrative is best experienced together with friends online and co-op multiplayer has been vastly improved. Battle side-by-side against enemy hordes, revive fallen companions during battle, assault enemy fortifications to destroy their buildings, and stand as one to face the prankster god Loki!

Check out the Rune II: Decapitation Edition page on Steam to learn more.

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