Rune II: Decapitation Edition Steam Launch Date Announced

Rune II: Decapitation Edition

Studio 369 has announced the Steam release date for Rune II: Decapitation Edition. Players will be able to start Viking mayhem starting November 13th. Players will find a game packed with “dungeons with gangly beasts, new combat mechanics, a skill system of godly abilities, and a revamped quest system”. In addition, the Decapitation Edition comes with the exclusive Dragon Armor. Developers have promised that the retooled edition will bring a smoother gameplay experience and one that is “worthy for the bloodthirsty warriors that laugh when charging into battle”.

The updated version of the game comes after a lengthy battle between the game’s original developers and the new studio. In the words of Studio 369:

Abandoned and sabotaged by the original developers, RUNE II was left in a state of disarray. Raised from the ashes by Studio 369, the game has now emerged for a Steam launch as a re-envisioned story of betrayal, rebirth, and revenge. Call upon the power of the Viking deities Odin, Hel, or Thor to bless your quest to take down a God. Explore an expanded Midgard world with buildable villages and loot-filled dungeons. Battle savage hordes of enemies from Norse legends alone or online with friends. Severing that old human head has freed the dev team to bring a glorious and victorious Viking adventure.

Check out the Rune II: Decapitation Edition Steam page to learn more.

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