Rune II publisher baffled by Human Head Studio closure

Rune II

Human Head Studios has been around making games for over 20 years. However, as of yesterday, it has ceased to exist. The surprise move from Bethesda caught nearly everyone flat-footed including the publisher of Rune II, a game that was released earlier this week.

Ragnarok LLC issued a statement expressing its shock at the news but also to reassure players that support for the game will continue. The statement reads:

“Yesterday, we successfully launched Rune II onto the Epic Games Store and the game’s demand has exceeded our expectations,” the Ragnarok team said in a statement. “First and foremost: We love this game, and we will continue to support Rune II.

Today, developer Human Head Studios announced that it closed its doors and will be starting a new studio. This is shocking news to us, as there are several entities working on Rune II — we found out about this news when you did.”

Fans of Human Head Studios need not fret. All employees have been retained and a new development group called “Roundhouse” has been created under the general umbrella of Bethesda Softworks.

In the meantime, you can check out the Rune II site to learn more about the game or head to the link above to read more about the closure of Human Head Studios.

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