Rune Ragnarok Pre-Alpha Trailer Shows Off a Chilly Viking-Themed World

Fans of Norse mythology are already lining up for Rune Ragnarok, a forthcoming open world RPG. To keep things frosty, Human Head Studios has released a pre-alpha peek at the world players will inhabit. It features voice-over from Lee Ernst, the original voice of Loki from Rune. In addition, Dean Valentine has created an epic score similar to his other work on The Hunger Games and Captain America trailers.

Rune Ragnarok

From the official description:

The game is a sandbox, open-world RPG set in a dangerous Norse universe where gods, beasts, and the last remaining humans struggle to survive. It was foretold that during Ragnarok, the gods would fall and the Nine Realms would be consumed by frost and fire. This was foretold…but this is not what happened. The Nine Realms are frozen and crumbling under the weight of war while the gods live on. Now, mankind must rise and do what the gods could not – survive dangerous lands, engage in brutal melee combat, take down Loki, and end Ragnarok.

In addition to an intense RPG experience, cooperative PvE multiplayer allows you to form clans with your friends to raid, loot, and end Ragnarok together. Or, engage in brutal PvP combat and destroy your enemy’s base. Regardless of your chosen path, it is up to you to defeat giants, dragons, beasts, and the undead to end Ragnarok. It is only through the complete and utter destruction of Loki and his minions that the world will be reborn.

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  1. Looks pretty cool. I’ll keep an eye on it. I’m assuming this is EA on Steam?

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