RuneScape and Old School RuneScape to Open Fresh Start Worlds in September

RuneScape Fresh Start Worlds

Last week, Jagex announced that RuneScape has seen over 300 million accounts created throughout its lifetime. This week, the development team announced the imminent arrival of Fresh Start Worlds for both RuneScape on September 12th and Old School RuneScape in October. Players will be able to create brand new characters on a special World with everyone starting the journey on a level playing field. This includes a brand new economy, Grand Exchange, and tradeable rewards. Players who join up will receive an accelerated XP boost for fast leveling once the Fresh Start Worlds open up.

The RuneScape FSW will run for four months. Players will be able to rediscover the game world along the questline that they may have completed over a decade ago (or more!). They’ll return to landmark cities, play through memorable questlines, discover skilling areas, and revisit boss battles from days gone by.

Old School RuneScape FSW begins in October and “offers players a unique challenge and opportunity”. “Unlike in RuneScape, Old School Fresh Start Worlds will not benefit from an XP boost, meaning that players will have to rely on their wits to get ahead. It still offers the players the same Old School RuneScape experience players know and love, but they’ll be diving into a world that has a brand-new economy and hi-scores ready to be claimed. Six months after the launch, players will have their characters transferred onto a main game server to continue the fun for years to come.”

Check out the RuneScape official site for more details.

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