Runescape Dons A Party Hat As It Turns 20

Runescape Dons A Party Hat As It Turns 20 -grand exchange decorated as a party hat

Runescape is turning 20 and players now have the opportunity to grab one of the game’s rarest ever items, a golden party hat.

Runescape, Jagex’s long standing MMORPG is currently turning 20. After initially launching in 2001, the low res massive world has hosted generations of adventurers and managed several reincarnations. Now the party has started, Runescape fans can grab one of the title’s rarest party favors, as the Golden Party Hunt kicks off. Ongoing right now, the Golden party Hat Hunt is exactly what you think. It’s an in game adventure to grab a golden party headpiece. Between now and 3 January, players who know can complete a range of objectives to earn golden shards. Once eight shards have been collected, players then work their milliner’s magic to combine the shards into a Golden Party Hat.

This might sound a bit underwhelming at first glance, but not given the history of the Golden Party Hat. First launched into Runescape as a Christmas party item back in 2001. To many players, the limited time drop wasn’t much more than a bit of decorative trach. With no in game benefits or stat bonuses, these fashionable bits of headgear were largely discarded and gone forever. Decades later, and the hats managed to make players as much as 2.1 billion gold thanks to their rarity and the status they infer.

“RuneScape’s 20th anniversary year has been an absolute cracker for content – we’ve had the multi-part anniversary quest, the epic Elder God Wars series, the game’s mobile debut, and now it’s absolutely magical and very ‘RuneScapey’ to bring back the Party Hat as a nod to our very first Christmas event in 2001. For what was intended to be such a throw-away in-game item, the original Party Hats are now the stuff of legend for players – both in status and value. Today, the original hats are so rare that they’re RuneScape’s most valuable items and are hardly ever available for in-game player trading. The Golden Party Hat Hunt is everyone’s chance to play for one all over again and earn an exclusive item that tells the rest of Gielinor that they were part of RuneScape’s epic 20th year.”

Now developer Jagex is giving everyone the chance to decorate their head with this elite status symbol. Yes, a few very rich in game moguls might be put our but why wouldn’t the who

le street get Ferraris, right? If you’re looking to grab a Golden Party Hat do note you’ll only be able to claim one per player and get started soon. Check out how to start off the newest Runescape quest, Once Upon a Time, or loot a hat over at the official Runescape website now.

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