Runescape Goes Mobile

runescape mobile

Runescape has gone mobile. The smash hit MMORPG from UK developers Jagex has thrown open the door to Early Acces adventurers who want to take Runescape on the go.

You can jump into Runescape right now and if you are a paid-up Runescape subscriber there is no need to stay tied to the desk. While mobile gaming is becoming an ever more complex market, Jagex is looking to blow away any experience you can fit in your pocket with Runescape Mobile. Announced for the very first time back at Runefest 2017, we got a more complete first glimpse at the mobile offering at this year’s gathering of all things Runefest. Now it’s here for everyone, almost.

To join players in Gielinor, you’ll need the aforementioned Runescape Subscription and a compatible mobile phone. Runescape mobile’s Early Access launch requires a compatible Android Device. iPhone owners will not be able to get into the game on their fruit based gaming devices quite yet. Any pioneers that do get into the game ahead of the full launch across both mobile platforms will get a bunch of extra rewards for their trouble. Mobile founders will receive a pack for their Runescape account that includes a sleek Steel Panther Combat Pet, a unique mobile-themed rest animation and the dazzling Radiant Dawn Armour.

While the Switch Lite library may be pocket sized, Runescape is a huge swathe of content for a pretty small penny. The latest iteration of the long-running MMORPG has already had several expansions, a full farming system, skill updates, and an epic storyline that puts the fate of the world in peril. You’ll have access to all of these full features as you cross paths with your PC counterparts in this new adventure. The time-hopping update, Land Out Of Time is just one of the places you can visit when you sign up for mobile Early Access via the Google Play Store. Find out how to get in over on the official RuneScape website now.


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