Runescape Mobile Is Coming This Year

runescape mobile

Runescape, the long-standing MMORPG from Jagex is about to join you on your own adventures. The UK developer has confirmed that Runescape is jumping off your desktop and into your pocket later this year.

In a huge announcement at Runefest 2019, fans of this online adventure got the news that Runescape is coming to mobile phones. In a follow up to the recent launch of Runescape’s Old School iteration, the core Runescape experience is due to hit Early Access shortly. For current subscribers to the game, this means that they will be able to join their friends as they adventure on the move. Runescape Mobile isn’t just a mobile distillation of Gielinor but the very same game.

Aa New Perspective

Logging in on phone or tablet, players will find the same world, players, and challenges thanks to fully-featured cross-play between desktop and mobile. There are, obviously, several surface-level changes that are instantly obvious to this game. I’ve had a brief look at the title, during Runefest, and while it’s clearly still in an unfinished state the UI moves much of the screen clutter around with a revised UI. It also allows players to zoom much further out from the action and get a better overview of the action. While there have been a number of other, more technical, changes to get Gielinor on mobile devices, the whole experience looks to be in good health. Android owners can get in on the game now over at the Play Store, with iOS coming in the future.

Fans ready to jump back into Runescape or simply keep tabs on their farm on the go will be able to sign up for early access. You will need to be a Runescape subscriber to join the testing program and get a head start on fellow commuters. With mobile MMORPG more likely to be a one-click cash grab than the grandad of modern MMORPG, it’s going to be interesting to see how Runescape Mobile plays out. You can find out more about the upcoming additions to Runescape over at the official website now. Alternatively,


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