Runescape Mobile Is Out Now

runescape mobile

Runescape Mobile is available today on iOS and Android devices, and there’s even a free 7- day Runescape membership.

After teasers, tests, and Old School launches, Runescape Mobile is now available in full across iOS and Android Devices. If you ever thought your lunch hour was missing some Slayer Quests or need to do some on the go commerce then Jagex has you covered. Now Runescape has followed its earlier brethren onto the mobile space, players can experience the entire open world of Runescape, taking on players cross-platform as they head out and explore a vast array of environment and battle for supremacy.

This includes all the quests, characters, lore and locations from the living game’s 20-year history. Despite the daunting array of available content, Jagex is offering new players a helping hand with a free 7 day trial of RuneScape membership, offering up 84 extra incredible quests, 11 formidable skills, a ridiculous bank space, enhancements to character customization, 38 awesome minigames, and tons more.

The launch is also the perfect time to jump in and catch up with the hardcore of Runescape. The mobile launch gathered a whopping 1.8 million pre-registrations, meaning that Jagex dropped some serious loot, including all five exclusive cosmetic rewards, including the hairstyle, teleport device, sword, pet, and the top tier prize which includes the Crux Equal armour and delivers a 50% XP boost across a seven-day period.

If you want to experience one of the world’s most popular MMORPGs on the go then you can grab Runescape Mobile now on iOS and Android.

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