Runescape Player Loses Human Rights Case

Old School Runescape 2

A US court has ruled against a Runespace layer who alleged their human rights were infringed by developer Jagex.

The UK based company behind the long running MMORPG Runescape faced a court battle with a US based player of late and the entire thing came to a head at the end of last week. After being muted in game, Pennsylvanian Amro Elansari found that Runescape Mods rejected his initial appeal without further supporting explanation. As a result, most of us might vote with our wallet and move game but Amro decided that the thousands of hours that he put into his account warranted a more serious response. Electing to bypass a forum rant, he issued a law suit that you can find over on the US court’s online archives.

Ban Hammer

Unfortunately for this player his case, and the subsequent appeal, were rejected. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a game company sued, or indeed sue a player. Fortnite has been a hotbed of litigation with Epic resorting to legal action over youtube cheaters and parents litigating against the same game’s Lama Loot Boxes. Runescape developers Jagex even sued the team behind the iBot software back in 2010, resulting in a payout in the realm of six figure for the UK studio.

Despite its age, Jagex has seen relatively few court cases related to its games. Runescape originally launched back befoe World of Warcraft exploded onto the scene. It is now on its third full iteration, has spawned a retro Old School version, and even includes a set of mobile titles. The recent release of Old School Runescape generated over 5 million downlaods and Runesacpe 3 is in Early Acess on mobile right now. You can find out all about Runescape’s most recent updates over on our coverage of this year’s Runeest event which includes dinosaurs and lots of LOOT.



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