Rust Finally Ready to Exit Early Access After Three Years on Steam


Rust is one of the first survival titles to have made an impact on the gaming scene. After over three years in Steam Early Access, developers say it’s finally time to go full release.

Rust dev writes about the “curse of EA”

Game creator Garry Newman has written a new blog called “The Curse of Early Access”. In it, he opines that EA means different things to different people as well as impacts the update cycle. He asks the void whether or not leaving EA means never updating the game or something different.

His main question is “what needs to happen before we leave EA?” He answers himself with another question, “If EA didn’t exist, would we release the game?” Newman comes to the conclusion that, yes, the game is nearing the time when it will leave EA.

Once you put it in these simple terms, it’s easy to answer. We definitely would have released it by now. We obviously wouldn’t have stopped updating it yet (and we don’t plan to stop updating it after we leave EA), but it would have been on Steam by now.

So our plan is to add a bit more help to the game (so first time players can actually open the inventory menu without reading guides on the internet), and then quietly slip out of Early Access.

Look for it heading your way soon.

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  1. So moving from Early Access into Early Beta? >;P I kid! Kind of …

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