Sailor Moon Comes to Slay The Spire

Sailor Moon Slay the Spire

Fighting evil by moonlight, slaying the spire by daylight. There’s a fan made mod that has brought Sailor Moon to Slay the Spire and it looks fantastic.

We might be a bit late on this one but just this morning we noted a new fan-made mod for Mega Crit Game’s Slay the Spire. The roguelike card game has a new unofficial mod that slots Sailor Moon into the game and we’re seriously impressed. Available in the Steam Workshop and named The Senshi, this mod doesn’t only just slot in everybody’s favorite cry baby into the roguelike card game. It includes a whole 75 cards and 20 relics that are new to the game and match the Senshi aesthetic.

New Stats

Alongside these new cards, The Senshi introduces some Sailor Moon specific stats and gameplay features. Transformations are in place and teamwork cards bring in a host of bonuses. It feels like this new mod isn’t just a slick new set that nods to Naoko Takeuchi’s iconic anime character but it also shows a real love for the fandom.

If you haven’t heard of Slay the Spire before, it is a roguelike card game that fuses the unique experience of procedural experiences with deck building mechanics. First releasing on PC, it has had some very positive feedback after it entered into early access in 2017. If you’re interested in the new mod, you can find Slay the Spire in the PlayStation Store and on sale in the Steam Store now. My work here is done!

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