Saints Row Customization Options Go in Crazy New Directions

Saints Row Customization

Deep Silver and Volition showcased the many ways that players will be able to customize their characters in Saints Row. The presentation was made by Mica Burton and gave viewers a peek at the dizzying array of new ways they’ll be able to shape the precise character that suits them.

Among other things, the new system allows for options as wide-ranging as asymmetrical facial customization to prosthetic limbs and no restrictions based on gender. Player choice is the name of the game for the developers and they are providing all the tools to do just that. To show some of the hundreds of ways players will be able to create the perfect character, a new video shines the spotlight on a plethora of Bosses.

Set in the fictional vibrant city of Santo Ileso, Saints Row is a complete reboot of the series and combines all the action, crime, and humor you’d expect from the series into one over-the-top, wingsuit-enabled package. The game’s extensive customization suite is Volition’s most powerful toolset to date and is best in class. How your Boss looks as you take over the city’s criminal underbelly is entirely up to you.

In addition to the perfect look for every Boss, players will also be able to customize weapons and vehicles thanks to the addition of an array of options.

The game is preparing for an August 23, 2022 release on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. Pre-orders for the keenly anticipated title have already opened.

Head to the Saints Row official site to learn more.

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