Saints Row: IV – Re-Elected Takes Office on Nintendo Switch

Deep Silver has confirmed that Saints Row: IV – Re-Elected is coming to the Nintendo Switch and bringing all of the oddball antics of the Saints with it this March.

Due to perform a superhero landing on Nintendo’s pocket-sized gaming companion on 27 March, the latest of the Saint’s adventures is a pint-sized presentation but it certainly hasn’t lost any of its scale. The Switch version of this battle for the planet comes with the base game and a whopping 25 DLC content packs, including the Dubstep Gun (Remix) package, the President package, the Commander-In-Chief package, and the two celebrated story extensions “Enter The Dominatrix ”and“ How The Saints Save Christmas”. Yes, it makes about as much sense as that sentence.

Carrying on fro the release of the previous Saints Row series, this tale finds the Saints in residence at the Whitehouse. While crazier things have happened, that election is swiftly followed by a massive alien invasion. Think Metal Wolf XD with lots of purple, strange powers, and the aforementioned aliens. Players taking on the evil alien overlord Zinyak and its armies of cannon fodder will journey through the massive open-world utilizing an array of strange weaponry, picking up a host of powers, and even leaping tall buildings in a single bound. Fully customizable characters mean that each President will be their own type of leader and the game’s all-new weapon customization means that the full force of the American people will come in a range of unique flavors.

Originally released on PC and console back in 2013, Saints Row IV brings all the zany open-world action of those earlier releases to this console with s few extra tweaks. Frankly, cramming all the content that Saints Row®: IV™ – Re-Elected brings back into a package as small as the Switch makes for a great value proposition, especially if you haven’t played through this title already. If you want something a little more tongue in cheek than wearing your heart on your sleeve, as you trudge through another sorrowful indie then you can find out more about Saints Row – Re-elected over on the game’s official website. Go blow up some aliens and watch out for that giant purple ….


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