Saints Row The Third Remastered May be Coming Soon

A whopping nine years after its initial release, Saints Row The Third is coming back to PC and consoles, remastered and sillier than ever this May

Saints Row isn’t exactly the type of game you should expect to find at the top of everyone’s rem=aster wish list but just like THQ’s Spongebob remake, the Saints are back and they are shinier than ever. While Nintendo Switch fans are busy getting acquainted with the inaugural term of Saints Row IV, PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox owners can look forward to a newly remastered and upgraded Saints Row The Third. The third, obviously, entry in the unkillable Saint series, this entry gives players control of the Saints at the height of their powers. After the antics of the first two games, players can jump into Stillwater City and take down the Syndicate on 22 May 2020.

Taking their fight to the streets, The Saints can tour the heady streets of Stillwater, from backwater alley to ridiculous street brawls. The over the top tour includes all three expansion packs and over 30 pieces of DLC content all with new and shiny enhancements. With around 4,000 assets reworked, the complete update has been expertly handled by Sperasoft. It has transformed environments, character models and visual effects, enhanced graphics and incorporated a new lighting engine.

With the same bright character customization and over the top combat, Saints Row The Third provides players the opportunity to take a tank skydiving, call in a satellite-targeted airstrike on a Mexican wrestling gang, and fight against a highly-trained military force just without the Dubstep gun. This isn’t quite Spongebob but then, Saints Row The Third Remastered still looks like a nostalgia trip worth taking. You can keep an eye on upcoming developments her at Gamespace or just take a glimpse at the trailer above for a taste of the title.


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