Sakura Wars Launch Edition & New Trailer Revealed

Sakura Wars, an upcoming Japanese Steampunk adventure title, just revealed a new trailer and Launch Edition details.

The latest game in the long standing series of Sakura wars video games just got a new trailer that details the relationships and choices that players will need to make in this RPG. Allowing players to navigate social interactions with their friends and colleagues, Sakura War’s LIPS system is designed to allow players to make the best decisions to build friendships or romantic connections between you and other members of the World Luxuriant Opera Federation. Check out the trailer for a glimpse f how the system works before you decide if you want to grab one of the game’s launch editions.

Physical Edition

Alongside the gameplay teaser, publisher Sega also dropped more detail on the goodies fans of the franchise can get their hands on. The physical edition of Sakura wars will come with its own bonuses. Players who loot the box from store shelves will also get a special reversible cover art sleeve, a sticker set of the main characters, and an in-game theatre costume bundle.

Digital Deluxe and Digital Standard Editions

Players who pick up the digital versions will get a few more in game add ons then the in store adventurers. While the digital version comes with an exclusive PlayStation theme and the Neko Ears add on bundle, the Digital Deluxe Edition includes everything below.

  • Legacy of Love Add-on Bundle: a pack of costumes and background music (BGM) paying tribute to:
    ◦ The Flower Division of the Imperial Combat Revue (Sakura Wars 1, Sakura Wars 2: Thou Shalt Not Die)
    ◦ The Flower Division of the Paris Combat Revue (Sakura Wars 3: Is Paris Burning?)
    ◦ The Star Division of the New York Combat Revue (Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love)
  •  Charming Accessories Add-on Bundle, which includes
    ◦ Glasses Bundle
    ◦ Dog Tail Accessory Bundle
    ◦ Angel Accessory Bundle
  •  Swimsuit DLC Bundle
Sakura What?

If you haven’t heard of Sakura Wars then you probably missed the series of Sakura Wars games coming out of Japan since the early 1990s. The games and their spin offs are set in a fictional Taisho period japan where characters with magical abilities pilot steampunk mecha and battle demons. The typically outlandish titles mesh a number of genres including strategy, action, and dating sims. Suffice to say that it is worth watching the initial launch trailer to get a feel for the whole experience. Players who already are committed can head over to the official website to check out more before the game drops on Playstation 4 on 28 April.


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