Saladin’s Conquest DLC Invades Ancestors Legacy

Saladin's Conquest DLC

This May, the Saladin’s Conquest DLC arrives for Ancestors Legacy. It is time to get a little sun on your back while you turn the Egyptian sands red.

Coming to PC on 21 May 2019, the Saladin’s Conquest DLC is the first DLC update for this old time strategy title. Set back in Medieval Europe, Ancestors history is a savage portrayal of the chaos that covered Europe during these dark times. Players take charge of troops in a real-time strategy adventure that follows the fate of four different nations and their political machinations. When everything descends into all-out war, players can send Viking, Anglo-Saxon, German, and Slav soldiers into battle utilizing a range of tactics and taking a wide view of the battlefield. They can also get up close and personal, thanks to the Unreal 4 engine, with a battle cam that gets right into the heart of the action.

The Saladin’s Conquest DLC moves things to a mildly more exotic location and follows the greatest Sultan of Egypt and Syria that history has to offer. Salah ad-Din, founder of the Ayyudib dynasty, is the focus of this DLC and features a campaign that crosses the border into the Kingdom of Jerusalem in 1187. As Salah as-Din and generals Gökböri and Abdullah advance, they come across the massive armies of Jerusalem. You can check out the action in the release trailer, below:

What Else Is New?
  • As well as this new narrative campaign, the Saladin’s Conquest DLC features a range of new modes, maps, and units.
  • New playable nation, for campaign, skirmish, and multiplayer – Saracens
  • 3 new multiplayer maps
  • New and unique units:
    • Hassassins – four-man melee squads with the unique ability of Camouflage. Using camouflage makes them invisible to the enemy until they get really close. Their second unique skill is Explosive Traps. After placing a trap down, it will explode after 10 seconds, damaging both buildings and men, whether friendly or not.
    • Grenadiers – ranged four-man squad, their unique ability is firing explosive missiles that are super effective against buildings and very effective against large groups of enemies. To balance that out, they’re quite vulnerable to melee damage.
    • Scorpion – the Saracens’ equivalent to the ballista, which has a new model and different stats.

The Saladin’s Conquest DLC is due to drop on PC this 21 may, although we don’t have any confirmation on the Xbox One version of the game, or pricing. You can check out more details on Ancestors Legacy in our own review, on the official website, or via the Steam Store Page.

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