Sam & Max Save The World Remastered Arrives 2 December

Detective Duo Sam & Max are set to return when Sam & Max Save The World Remastered arrives on 2 December.

Coming back to PC and arriving on the Nintendo Switch, Sam & Max Save The World Remastered is an updated and upgraded version of this well known and well-received adventure featuring two very iconic cartoon crimefighters. While Batman and his family of costumed vigilantes regularly jump out of their comic cells and onto our console screens to beat down crime, Sam & Max Save The World Remastered is an entirely different proposition. Featuring a six-foot canine detective and a hyperkinetic rabbity-thing, the adventures of Sam & Max are set to arrive on Pc and Switch with overhauled graphics, gamepad support, restored audio, and numerous additions and tweaks made possible by the evolution of the development tools and the team’s subsequent experience.

Originally launched back in 2006 on PC and last gen consoles, Sam & Max’s new old adventure is a Telltale title featuring the two aforementioned detectives, who make up the Freelance Police. Created by comic artist Steve Purcell, the Sam & Max adventures mix comedic humor, largely lampooning American pop culture, and in-universe puzzles to create a long-standing series of mystery adventures that endure to this day. Sam & Max Save The World, like many of its preceding entries, won a bunch of awards. More importantly, it still makes us chuckle so we’ll be keeping an eye on this remastered edition.

sam and max remastered comparison

If you’ve already signed up then, Sam & Max Save the World Remastered is available for preorder on, Steam, and GOG for $19.99 USD or the equivalent in local currency. European Nintendo Switch preorders will start on Wednesday. Even better for existing fans, anyone who owns the original Sam & Max Season One on Steam or GOG will receive 50% off Sam & Max Save the World Remastered until December 31, but make sure you grab it via the Skunkape website. If you want to sniff out more about this dynamic duo then check out the official Steam Store page for Sam & Max Save The World Remastered.

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