Samurai Jack Battle Through Time Pax East Panel & New Details

samurai jack battle through time details

Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time is about to due to drop into our lives soon and Adult Swim Games just revealed a bunch of new details about the title at Pax East.

If you missed the news, Samurai Jack is back and he is busy tearing through time for a face-off with the ancient evil that is Aku. Adult Swim Games is bringing back the much-loved cartoon warrior and his adventures on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC in summer 2020. Pax East provided the perfect opportunity to reveal a little more about this face-off between good and evil and thanks to Reddit and we have a rundown of some of the most important information from a panel form the conference.

Details Details!

Being a Samurai Jack game, fans of the sword wielder can expect to see plenty of the cartoon’s familiar faces. jack’s creator Genndy Tartakovsky and series head writer Darrick Bachman confirmed that players will see Sir Rothchild, Ashi, The Scotsman and his daughter(s), The Witch Hag, Josephine Clench (the bounty huntress), Demongo, Scaramouche, Da Samurai, and more. While some of these are welcome returns, others are utterly essential. The Samurai Jack panel told a little bit more about the story, confirming that the game will take place near the end of the current show, with Jack facing Aku one last time. As Ashi realizes she has the same powers as Aku inside of her, she rips a hole in time for Jack to head back and defeat Aku in the past. Unfortunately, things go wrong and our hero must face every challenge he has overcome, again. This provides fans an opportunity to see plenty of familiar faces and the panel confirmed that this will include lots of voice actors form the show too.

If you haven’t heard that jack is back, then you’ll be pleased to know that this warrior is part of a brand new hack and slash game that draws on the hit Nickelodean cartoon from 2001. You can check out everything available about the game over on Twitch tv by rewatching the Pax East panel now.


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