Samurai Shodown – Darli Dagger Introduction Trailer

As we inch closer to the June launch of Samurai Shodown, SNK is building the hype with new character teaser trailers. Three new warriors are being added to the cast of legendary fighters in Samurai Shodown. Enter Darli Dagger, shipbuilder extraordinaire and badass fighter. Her primary weapon appears to be a massive saw blade, but the reveal trailer also teases us with the other tools (literally) in her arsenal:

It has been 11 years since the last installment of the Samurai Shodown series, but SNK promises the reboot will remain true to the game mechanics and atmosphere that made the original series a hit. Set to release on both PS4 and XBox One, Samurai Shodown will utilize Unreal Engine 4 to bring modern visuals to the series. In typical fighter fashion, SamuraiShodown will feature 1-2 player offline mode and 2-10 player online mode, but SNK is also touting a Ghost mode to share your character with the world. The game will use Deep Learning AI to learn your tactics and then create a sharable ghost character that utilizes your play style.

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