Satisfactory – Update #2: Trains & Nuclear

First-person open-world building sim Satisfactory is in for a second large update bringing forth trains and nuclear power & waste. Check out the video above featuring Community Manager Jace Valet-Parking as he dives into what makes this update so great or read the new incredibly detailed post on the official site.

Here’s a TL/DR list of what is coming with the update:

  • TRAINS!  Trains are unlockable in Tier 6. Electric locomotives are the new thing, throw away those outdated trucks and let’s get going. Choo-choo!
  • TRACKS & SWITCHES! Tracks have a built-in ruleset to prevent any train-accidents. Switches allow for even more complexity and efficiency, especially when using multiple trains. And there’s more! Train tracks transport electricity, which powers the trains and can be used to connect power circuits of outposts and factories alike!
  • FREIGHT PLATFORMS & FREIGHT CARS! Unlimited transport capacity for your unlimited dreams.
  • TRAIN STATION & AUTOMATION! Trains can be programmed to load and/or unload whatever cargo you want from whichever station you want, whenever you want. Connect power to the train station and everything will be good to go!

Now that the trains are covered, it is time to go full-on nuclear with Tier 7:

  • NUCLEAR POWER & WASTE – From fuel rods to power, to waste, every step in this journey is incredibly rewarding
  • URANIUM – All uranium-based resources and parts are radioactive, making skin-to-object contact 100% lethal, so keep your distance!
  • BAUXITE & ALUMINUM –  Build a new tomorrow with aluminum and its derived parts
  • MINER MK3 + CONVEYOR MK5 – It’s time to shine with the brand new Mk3 miner. Double that efficiency! But there’s more! The new Mk5 belts and belt lifts can transport up to 780 parts per minute, oh my!


  • Overhauled the Swamp visuals and gameplay (Northeast of Grassfields)
  • Added Bamboo Fields area
  • Added Red Jungle
  • Overhauled the Dune Desert visuals including fog & lighting (Northeast corner of the map)
  • Updated gameplay in the Desert Canyons (North and east of the Northern Forest)
  • Updated tons of environmental assets

Check out the game’s Epic Games Store page to learn more.

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