Save yer doubloons for Sea of Thieves pets & emotes

Sea of Thieves players will want to start stacking up doubloons for new microtransactions coming to the game soon. Pirate-y sorts will be able to buy items including pets, emotes, and cosmetic items for ships. These items were originally planned to have launched with the Anniversary update in May, but developers needed more time to get the microtransaction store in order.

Rare insists that these optional store items will not provide any power boost to purchasers and will be cosmetic in nature only. In addition, there will be NO loot boxes and no items will ever be hidden away. “We always want you to know what you’re going to be buying,” Executive Producer Joe Neate said.

Players who are part of the Insider program will be able to get a first-hand look at what the shop will look like when it opens for testing later this week. Pets will be the first buyable items with emotes coming at a later point. Ship cosmetics sound really fun with well-known Rare staples will perhaps be making an appearance in Sea of Thieves to “celebrate much-loved games or characters”. Could we see pirate-y versions of Banjo-Kazooie or Donkey Kong? How cool would that be?

At any rate, check out the video dev diary for more details.

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