Sayri: The Beginning Trailer Teases A Beautiful New World

Sayri: The Beginning, from publisher Crytivo, has just dropped a magical trailer for the upcoming adventure title.

Due to launch later in 2020, and coming to PC, this tale aims to warm your heart and whisk you away on a colorful journey to a new home. The new trailer gives players a glimpse of the upcoming game, where players guide Sayri, an adorable alien, through a meticulously handcrafted series of environments. Along the way Sayri will befriend a host of unique and intriguing alien creatures, putting faith in their individual abilities.


The friendships that Sayri forms will augment the player’s inherent telekinetic powers, providing the answers to a range of environmental puzzles found throughout the game’s lush world. Ultimately progressing the game’s story should reveal the reasons why Sayri crash landed on this planet.

Designed by Ukranian indie studio Vidloonnya Reborn and published by the same team that brought the cute as hell Universim, Sayri: The Beginning is described as “the video game equivalent of a warm hug “ and I think that’s about as accurate a description as I can imagine. This colorful tale has all the hallmarks of a tale for all ages with enough complexity to keep any of us old enough to look after ourselves engaged. The trailer for this title drops just as the game reveals its official Steam Store page, allowing players interested in checking out the game to find out a bit more or add it to their wishlist.

While we do not have the final release date or price for this game as yet it’s definitely going on my wish list. You can find out more about Sayri: The Beginning over on the official Steam Store page or check out the trailer above to get a feel for the friends you’re about to meet.



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