Scarlet Hood & The Wicked Wood Coming in February

Headup and Devespresso Games have announced that their next title, Scarlet Hood & The Wicked Wood, will be headed out the gate in February 2021. The game is said to be a mind-boggling combination of genres as “Groundhog Day meets Brothers Grim meets Oz” in the upcoming fantasy adventure title and it will be released for PC via Steam. Developers have tons of experience with story-driven games with The Coma series. Players can expect a robust story, multiple endings, and puzzles galore along the way.

Scarlet, the protagonist and a rock diva in the making, awakes in the realm of Glome after being flung over by a rogue tornado. She discovers a vibrant world brimming with magic, beauty, and artifacts from a mysterious bygone culture. Her strange journey begins when she takes up the mantle of the Red Witch and leads a troupe of Munchkins through the forbidden Wicked Wood. In a world full of riddles and wonders, she encounters witches, tin knights, talking beasts, monsters, and many fearsome creatures to overcome.

To introduce the game, devs sent out a teaser trailer packed with gorgeous “manhwa-style hand-illustrated graphics” and some gameplay that’s sure to capture the eye of players.

Check out the Scarlet Hood & The Wicked Wood Steam page to learn more and place the game on your wishlist.

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