Schiit Audio Brings Magni 3+ and Heresy To Desktops

Schiit audio magni 3+ and heresy

Schiit Audio is set to amp up your desktop audio experience as the audio manufacturer reveals two new pieces of kit, The Magni 3+ and the Magni Heresy.

Designed to bring quality amps and DAC systems down to size, these brand new bits of kit are dwarfed by solutions like the Cyrus One Cast that launched recently. Instead these two tiny slithers of audio gold are designed to sit on the desktop, dragging your audio experience out from the haze of pon board interference and into a crystal clear soundscape.

More Power

Announced today, these two entry-level amps are two distinct flavors of desktop audio hardware. The Magni 3+ is the highest-performing discrete current feedback entry-level amp from Schiit, ever. The aluminum shroud hides an amp capable of output power 200% higher than other entry-level headphone amps and some serious specs. The Magni 3+ is rated at 2.4W RMS into 32 ohms, both channels driven, at less than 1% THD. This is some serious improvement on many other similarly priced amps.

The Magni Heresy takes this core concept and identical power rating then pushes it just a little bit further. Designed to be the most that the Magni chassis can handle, the Heresy takes the performance of the Magi 3 beats it by an extra 6-8dB. If there was enough room for 11 on this mini powerhouse it would be the only place appropriate to leave the dial.

You might think that all this talk of ohms and dB is all overkill but we’ve already experienced the difference that a decent dedicated sound processor is for the gaming experience. The Creative SXFi utterly reshaped my digital world and proved that cheap onboard interference can even take down the best headphones. If you don’t believe us then you can check out some of Schiit Audio lineup at the official website where there’s more than few pocket-sized bargains to grab. The Magni 3+ and Heresy are available on the Schiit homepage for $99. Your headphones deserve it.

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