Schiit Turn Up With The Modius DAC

schiit Modius DAC

It’s time to turn your PC on to a whole new experience as audio experts Schiit reveal the new Modius DAC.

The Audiophiles over at Schiit seem to have decided that its time to ask for something better than cheap low end audio on your top tier gaming rig. Taking all that Schiit know about audio processing, the new Modius DAC brings balance, affordability, and top end sound processing to the latest entry in the Schiit lineup. For PC gamers, this means awesome audio quality that ditches your integrated audio ports, all wrapped up in a unit that is pretty much plug and play.

This Is The New Schiit

The Schiit Modius is a Digital to Analog Converter similar to several other options available on the market. This particular DAC doesn’t only bump up the quality of incoming audio signals, meaning you’ll actually hear what your top end gaming headphones are capable of, but it does it all on USB power. The entire unit is based around the AKM AK4493 D/A converter, a step up from the AK4490 used in the firm’s Modi package, and incorporates Schiits own Unison USB tech, a proprietary USB Audio Class 2 architecture. Alongside the obvious USB input, the Modius has plenty of other flexibility, with XLR balanced and RCA single-ended output ports on offer.

“The Modius name came from the internal development name of ‘Modius Maximus,’ which is exactly what it is a bigger, better Modi” said Jason Stoddard. “It uses a better AKM DAC than the Modi, it has more inputs than the Modi, it adds balanced outputs, and it brings our Unison USB input to a much more affordable price level.”

While $199 might seem steep compared to other audio devices we’ve seen before, the quality of the components, the bespoke architecture, and the amazing build quality involved in putting together a piece of Schiit means that anybody that appreciates great sound could seriously consider starting their own stack with the Modius. The Schiit Modius DAC is available now on the official Schiit website.


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