Scum Pre-Alpha Gameplay Trailer Shows Off Realistic Rifle & Sniping Skills

Scum Gameplay Trailer Shows Off Rifle & Sniping

Devolver Digital shared a new pre-alpha gameplay trailer for its story-driven open world survival game Scum. The game offers high levels of character customization, control as well as progression. Knowledge and skills are vital for your survival.

Of course, one can not survive without skillfully using various weaponry the game has to offer. Latest trailer shows off incredibly realistic shooting system.

You can find out more about the game on its Steam Portal Page as well as check out the trailer above. The game will be in Early Access later in 2017.

The Early Access version of SCUM will be playable and relatively stable with most features included on a basic/medium level of functionality. This means that players will be able to perform limited amount of actions or these actions will not be fully polished until game gets to final development phase. The players will be able to explore the island, build up their characters, engage other players, NPCs or wildlife and make simple alliances with their buddies. Early Access will not include high level gameplay – story driven mission objectives.

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