Sea of Thieves – Festival of Giving Update

The Festival of Giving is sailing into Sea of Thieves! This latest update brings the Plundered Presents, 12 Deeds of Giving and Grogmanay Events to the Sea of Thieves! All manner of cosmetics can be claimed by taking part in these seasonal shenanigans, with plenty for pirates to get stuck into throughout the holidays and beyond.

As Larinna settles into the role of Bilge Rats representative and digs through Duke’s unfinished business, she’s uncovered a secret stash of Gilded Voyages – and in the spirit of the season, she’s giving them away! These lucrative ventures offer immense riches for pirates brave enough to take them on.

Duke’s stockpile has also turned up a set of maps leading to some seriously explosive loot. Hidden gunpowder caches, Chests of Rage and Ashen Winds Skulls are all up for grabs in the return of Black Powder Stashes.

Check out the official site to find out more. Don’t forget to check out the season pass!

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