Sea of Thieves Sails to Steam on June 3rd

The developers of Sea of Thieves released a new trailer called The New Legends dedicated to the fresh wave of players undoubtedly coming to the game after its imminent arrival on Steam on June 3rd.

Watch the trailer to take a tour of some of Sea of Thieves’ most unique and awe-inspiring moments. Anything can happen in a session on the seas: you can fight immense Megalodon battles, tangle with a Kraken, raid a Skeleton Fort, chase down other unsuspecting player ships to steal their loot (or fall prey to another crew with the same idea), or change gears to take on fast-paced PvP gameplay at its purest in The Arena. If you’ve got the skill and the mettle to overcome these challenges, you might even reach the heights of Pirate Legend – unlocking exclusive cosmetics, locations and quests reserved for only the best of buccaneers.

The developers from Rare have also published the Steam launch FAQ to answer fans’ questions:

  • Sea of Thieves requires Windows 10
  • Steam version will be included in crossplay
  • Your ranks, cosmetics and currency will all be there after you sign into your Xbox Live account, meaning you’ll be able to pick up exactly where you left off. Previously earned achievements will automatically unlock on Steam too.
  • Sea of Thieves on Steam will have unlocked FPS
  • Players on Xbox One and Windows 10 will not receive an entitlement to a free Steam copy. However, cross play breaks down barriers by enabling new Steam players to crew up easily with existing players on Xbox One and Windows 10.

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