Sea of Thieves – Season One is Here!

The new era for Sea of Thieves is here! Season One delivers a new route to earning rewards by building your Renown, a trove of Trials and Deeds to tackle along the way, a permanent new Voyage type for the Merchant Alliance, new and returning time-limited Events, more freebies to grab through Twitch Drops and fresh Pirate Emporium stock including the Plunder Pass!

Making your way up through each of the 100 levels in Season One will unlock a reward each time, from gold and Doubloons to cosmetics and even Ancient Coins to spend on goods in the Pirate Emporium!

Sea of Thieves Season One also launches with Lost Shipment Voyages, a new way to engage with the Merchant Alliance. These Voyages turn you into a seabound detective, seeking clues to precious deliveries that went down with the ship out there somewhere along the trade routes. Retrieve the Cargo Manifests to earn Merchant Alliance rewards and reputation, but find the key to the Captain’s cabin and you can also recover treasures from these written-off wrecks! If you enjoy these new undersea undertakings, don’t worry: Lost Shipment Voyages are set to remain in the game as a permanent feature.

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