Sea Of Thieves Sets Sail For Fort Of The Dammed In Free Update

Halloween is upon us and that means all sorts of activities to get you your cowering in the dark. Sea of Thieves is no different and captains can raid the Fort Of The Dammed in October’s free update.

Just like so many other online games, Sea of Thieves is ready to celebrate the spookiest time of year with an appropriately ghoulish set of updates for captains and their crew. The sandbox pirate shanty simulator is dropping a free update for players. The October update appears to be out now, but dare you take on this unnatural challenge?

Pirates heading off into Halloween territory will find dark forces infesting Old Boot Fort. Shadow of Fate Skeletons run rampant throughout this area and dark magic is clearly at play. Players will take on challenges to find Ritual Skulls, claim the Flames of Fate, and band together to take down the fort.

It’s not all serious sailing, however. This is the biggest update to Sea of Thieves’ popular Skeletal Fort feature since launch. It houses a ton of new challenges. The Fort will remain beyond the October update and offers tons of rewards. The October update even promises a guaranteed Chest of legends. In addition, you’ll find a restocked Pirate Emporium that now hosts the the the Skeleton Cockatoo and Skeleton Marmoset pets.

Arenas now have six new contest locations, while two-person sloop-crews can compete to get some of the gold in a variety of exciting challenges that add even more variety to your cannonballing. There is even a brand new instrument available for musical miscreants. Banjos are here! Open the second page of your item radial to find the banjo and pluck along to all your favorite shanties. Personally, I might just be heading out to find an equipment store with one of the fancy banjos so I can look swish while strumming out a song or two.

I’ve barely dipped my toe into the updates that are coming in October, but it seems this month’s addition to Sea of Thieves is way more than just a spooky pleasure cruise. Sea of Thieves is out now on Xbox One and PC. The update is ready to set sail, just log in or download the latest version of the game from the Xbox Game Pass to get spooky. You can find out more about Sea of Thieves and all the upcoming loot at the official website now.


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