Sea Of Thieves Ships of Fortune Update Looks Pretty Purrfect

The April Ships of Fortune Update for Sea of thieves is sailing onto PC and console and it’s bringing some pawsome new features.

The latest addition to Rare’s Sea of Thieves is here. It landed just yesterday and if you missed it as the news sailed over the horizon then you’ll like what’s arrived on Xbox and PC now. While the usual pirate hijinks are all in place for this seafaring adventure, there’s always a tail to tell. Yep, Sea of Thieves just got cats.

Here Kitty Kitty

If you didn’t think that the Heart of Fire update was quite bananas enough, the latest load of content in Sea of Thieves adds a raft of feline companions to the game. These are available in the Pirate Emporium I addition to other pets that players can purchase. While these are essentially cosmetic vanity items, they look clawsome. The new pets come in three breeds, Ragamuffin, Wildcat, and Mau, and accompany a range of new ships and emotes landing in the Pirate Emporium. You can check them all out over at the emporium site now.

Set Sail For Adventure

Of course, the Ships of Fortune update doesn’t just drop a bunch of pretty loot and move on. There’s plenty of new adventure waiting out on the high seas. Pirates ready to get into the action can join the original trading companies of Sea of Thieve as they attempt to make a show of strength on the high seas. The navy ain’t coming to save you or your goods but you can help the trading corps to fend off danger in the big blue. None of this comes without risk. Join a trading company as an emissary and you might end up having to deal with a mysterious new force, Reaper’s Bones, who are now recruiting all pirates who don’t play nicely with others.

Players who join the Gold Hoarders, Merchant’s Guild, Athena’s Fortune, or Order Of Souls can do so by finding a representative and paying the appropriate fee. Players who join up will gain access to a range of cosmetic upgrades for themselves and their ship. They can also earn reputation and gold by hauling ion trader loot, with the level cap now up to 75 for this. As for the Reaper’s Bones, if you want to go full pirate then you’ll have to hunt them down if you want to join. Frankly, I’m too lily-livered to find out so you’ll have to head over to the Sea of Thieves patch notes or download the Sea Of Thieves Ships of Fortune update yourself on Xbox One and PC now.


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