Sea of Thieves video manager has a nasty run-in with a monkey

Sea of Thieves

The Sea of Thieves team took to the airwaves yesterday to show off some of the new content coming into the game in the near future. This includes, among other things, the addition of pets that can follow players about on their high-seas adventures.

In an effort to bring some “realism” to the discussion — and, yes, there is such a thing as too much realism — the dev team brought in Antonio the Monkey. However, it appears that Antonio took a dim view of the goings-on and expressed his displeasure by throwing up on the unfortunate Jon McFarlane.

Now, I don’t know about you, but if a monkey — or any other creature for that matter — hurled on me, broadcast or not, I would have made a hasty exit stage left. McFarlane, however, managed to keep it together and not only took things in stride but also finished the broadcast. That’s dedication, folks! Even so, “never work with children and animals,” as the SoT team reminded us via Twitter.

The excitement starts at about the 28-minute mark in the video replay below:

All the excitement aside, the team also took time to talk a bit further about pets (though honestly, Antonio was a show-stopper!), the new Pirate Emporium, and much more coming in the Fortune content expansion.

Check it out and then head over to the Sea of Thieves official site to learn more.

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