Search and Destroy in Chaos on Wheels Now Available for PC

Search and Destroy in Chaos on Wheels Now Available for PC

Acodeon Games is inviting all PC players to search and destroy in Chaos on Wheels now available on PC via Steam. Though in early access, the game offers players a plethora of features and mechanics to enjoy including customization options, fast-paced gameplay, and more.

Developers are celebrating the big day with a brand new trailer that showcases the mayhem players can expect.

Combat and driving skills take center stage as players rain destruction down on one another to become the last vehicle rolling. Along the way, customization options will open up to provide players with an opportunity to create the perfect vehicle in look and in power. Players can unlock gadgets, weapons, wraps, paint jobs, and more. While pretty is excellent, the goal is to “decimate everything in your path” and take on all comers.

Early access will feature a 10-chapter campaign, a single-player Chao Career, a custom battle selection with a split-screen for two players, and two other game modes. Over 25 vehicles will be part of early access with various equipment types, dozens of maps, and access to different drivers.


  • Destroy: Enjoy fast-paced action with tons of bullets, rockets, and missiles that you can take onto semi-destructible environments. Destroy your friend and leave nothing behind but dust.
  • Build: Manage your vehicles in your personal garage, where you can upgrade weapons, ammo, and armor. Equip new gadgets, add wraps, change your paint job, and more.
  • Ride: Pick a driver and get ready to drive, drift, jump, and perform amazing stunts on dozens of maps.
  • Eliminate: Take down turrets and other hazards that are determined to stop you. Destroy them to unlock new cars, weapons, armor, and gadgets and leave the evil AI Helios in ashes.

Check out the Chaos on Wheels Steam page for more information.

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