Second CBT for Elyon Kicks Off with a Twitch Drop

Kakao Games and Blue Hole have announced that the second closed beta test for the forthcoming MMO, Elyon, has officially kicked off. CBT2 will run from now through Monday, August 23rd, and is currently planned for release in Fall 2021. Developers will be releasing the highly-anticipated MMORPG in North America, Europe, and Oceania.

CBT2 will feature an improved build that will, according to developers, more closely align with the Korean version. New features will include the Slayer Class, updated Mana Awakening skills, improved game service platform and infrastructure, easier leveling, solo and multiplayer dungeon play, and much more.

Players are invited to apply to become a beta tester and can also leverage Twitch Drops. Players who link a Kakao Games account with their Twitch account and participate in Elyon streams will receive:

  • CBT2 Access after 1 hour of viewing (CBT2 only)
  • Chick (Pet) after 3 hours of viewing (CBT2 only)
  • 3,000 + 100 Ruby Box after 5 hours of viewing (CBT2 only)
  • Jet Board mount after 7 hours of viewing (for official launch)

Check out the Elyon official site to grab more details.

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