Second Hand: Frankie’s Revenge Launches 28 May

Second Hand: Frankie’s Revenge

Can’t afford a glorious paint job for your new mech and need a murder machine that is a little more Wallmart than custom attack craft.? Rikodu have something that will fit the bill with the recent reveal of a new robot action game, Second Hand: Frankie’s Revenge.

Coming to PCs on 28 May, Second Hand: Frankie’s Revenge, is an oddball take on our more elaborate robot wars and something distinctly different to games like Project Nimbus. While Project Nimbus thrusts players into hi-tech weapon frames and an epic space opera, Second Hand: Frankie’s Revenge is a little more scrap-tastic. In Second Hand: Frankie’s Revenge, you’ll cobble together your own makeshift Frankie bot from whatever you can find. Your very own destrocuto-bot could whack enemies with a ball launcher, repair damage with a defibrillator head, or tank for the team with a boiler. Once you’ve bolted together a bot, you can even put together a team and go online to kick some metal alien ass and go head to head with alien controlled robots in a top-down arena style adventure. Not sure how this rabble will work out? There’s a new trailer just below for you to have a look at.

This particular brawler comes to PC from the minds at Romanian indie developer Rikodu and looks like a rip-roaring alternative to the visual finesse or complex piloting systems of some other robot battles. If you’ve ever considered just strapping on a pair of chainsaw arms, building a junkyard homestead, or just love robot wars then this might be your thing. Find out more about Second Hand: Frankie’s Revenge at the official website or Steam page now.

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