Sega Casino DS Review

Sega Casino DS

Having been released in 2005, Nintendo decided to approach the SEGA market with a game that adults could look to enjoy on their Nintendo DS devices with their SEGA Casino DS game.

Arguably, the game was a little ahead of its time, as it allowed players to place bets online and play some of the very best and classic casino table games possible for various amounts of money. But, with graphics that could be considered a little bland and even troublesome compared to the ones that can be experienced now, many may have found it a little tacky at times. Nonetheless, the SEGA Casino DS game provided players with plenty of fun, especially given the number of games that were made available to play and choose from.

Games available

There were a total of 11 games to choose from, with favorites such as Blackjack, Craps, Texas Hold ‘Em Poker, Baccarat, Roulette, and 7 Card Stud Poker all available to play for real money or even for free.

Is the free mode available was a great way for those who were wondering what’s the best roulette strategy? before committing to playing with the bankroll provided, whilst the free mode also allowed for new games to be unlocked. Those that used money could access a number of different rooms with minimum bets ranging from $100 to $1,000, whilst there were other rooms that were only available when enough cash had been won.

Sega Casino DS 1

To play the games that were made available, all players would simply need to do is to use the touch screen that is provided on the Nintendo DS. Of course, the Nintendo DS featured two screens, with the touch screen being the one that was located at the bottom.

These screens would both be used for each game that was played, with the roulette game featuring the wheel on the top screen, whilst the board was located on the touch screen, thus allowing players to make their bets on where the ball would land as easy as possible. Those that played other games would generally find that the dealer would be on the top screen and out of the way, whilst they had the table in the bottom screen which showed their playing hand.

Game Modes

Briefly touched upon earlier, there are a number of different gameplay modes available in SEGA Casino DS, including a Free Game mode, a Game Mode, and a Multiplayer mode all available to choose from.

The Free Mode, as explained, allowed players to play the classic casino games without having to worry about losing any of the bank balance provided and allowed them to work out their best strategies and methods before trying to play and increase the bankroll that they have.

The Game Mode is the main feature of this SEGA Casino DS game, as this where players are able to build their bankroll and try to unlock the high roller tables. The Multiplayer mode allows for players to play with up to four other players at a number of card games, including Blackjack, Texas Hold ‘Em Poker, and 7 Card Stud.


As mentioned, this Nintendo SEGA Casino DS game may have come before its time, but it did provide a rather good casino game experience for the time period that it came out in. The game provided some top gambling gameplay and a good element of fun, but with just a few games available and some rather boring graphics, it could be considered a little dated.

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