Serin Fate Charges Into Full Release on August 25

Publisher Crytivo and developer Vethergen have revealed that open-world indie RPG Serin Fate will be leaving Steam Early Access and entering the full release stage on August 25. The team describes the game as a fun brew of Stardew Valley meets Pokemon and made with a lot of love for open-world RPGs.

Evil is afoot. Bounding into monster-infested lands and bestowed with newfound magic, you must restore the beloved Fate Stone before evil consumes the land. Explore this magical, pixel-art haven, meet new creatures, craft equipment, and master your powers of witchery.

Serin Fate Key Features:

  • Large and sprawling world.
  • Epic storyline and narrative
  • Plenty of magic
  • Familiar creature capture
  • Train, tend, and level your familiars to defeat formidable monsters
  • Complex stats and┬ácombat
  • Pursue deeper relationships with characters

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